Tissue Warping Paper Colibri
imagenimagenColor Display.                     Aproximated Colors.
imagen1001.-TANGERINE. imagen1002.-YELLOW GOLD. imagen1003.-LIGHT YELLOW.
imagen1004.-GREEN. imagen1005.-WHITE. imagen1006.-RED.
imagen1007.-LIGHT BLUE. imagen1008.-BLUE. imagen1009.-LILAC.
imagen1010.-VIOLET. imagen1011.-DARK YELLOW. imagen1012.-LEMON GREEN.
imagen1013.-DARK GREEN. imagen1014.-LIGHT PINK. imagen1015.-PEACH.
imagen1016.-PINK. imagen1017.-BUGAMBILLA. imagen1018.-CHOCOLATE.
imagen1019.-BROWN. imagen1020.-BLACK. imagen1023.-ORANGE.
imagen1025.-GREY. imagen1026.-NAVY BLUE. imagen1027.-TURQUOISE.
imagen1028.-SCARLET. imagen1030.-BEIGE. imagen1031.-CHERRY.
imagen1032.-RASPBERRY. imagen1033.-MAGENTA. imagen1035.-SOLID BLUE.


Tissue Warping Paper ColibriŽ

Tissue colored paper of 19grs cuted in size of 50 x 75 cms. (20" x 30") warped with kraft paper with 1000 same color sheets. The shiping is in a case with 5 (each 5 colors depending your order).